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U.K. food company to tap food waste for power; invests £40 million

British meat processing and food distribution company PDM Group will be investing lb40 million ($62.2 million) to boost its network of ReFood anaerobic digestion plants in Doncaster, Widnes and East London.

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"Food waste is recognized as an issue the U.K. needs to overcome, not only is it a complete waste of a resource by letting it rot in landfill, capacity at these sites is falling fast and A.D. offers the ideal solution," said PDM commercial director Philip Simpson.

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"Our A.D. plant in Doncaster is performing well, and we're keen to keep the momentum going in developing our ReFood network to provide regional solutions for food waste across the U.K.," he added.

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Two new PDM facilities in Widnes and East London will augment the activities of the older plant in Doncaster, taking food waste from local retailers, restaurants, hotels and households and turning it into renewable energy for the national grid and a nutrient rich fertilizer for growing crops.

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Individually, PDM's anaerobic digestion plants have a generation capacity of 4 megawatts, processing 90,000 tons of food waste annually.

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Construction at both sites will begin this autumn, with both plants scheduled to be fully operational by 2013. A food waste recycling hub that incorporates rendering, biomass to energy and anaerobic digestion is expected to be erected in the Widnes site. – Jhoanna Frances S. Valdez

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