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Sunrise Consulting to acquire over half of China’s Sunrise Solartech

Sunrise Consulting sets their sights on the US market amidst new solar power-friendly policies set by the Obama administration.

Sunrise Consulting Group, Inc. has recently announced that it plans to acquire 60% of China-based solar PV manufacturer, Sunrise Solartech Co. Ltd.

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The move is meant to take advantage of US President Barack Obama's recent announcement regarding new policy shifts for the US solar energy market. This marks a big shift in Sunrise Consulting, which in the past had focused heavily on the European market due to the region's strong financial incentives for solar power production.

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Trade associations also note a steady rise in the solar production capacity of the US. The Solar Energy Industries Association released a report last month noting that the American solar industry had grown by 53% in 2008, when compared to production capacities of the year before. The country's PV manufacturing capacity was also reported to have increased by 65% last year, as compared to the year before.

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Headquartered in Newport Beach, California, the Sunrise Consulting Group is an investment banking and financial group that helps companies in Asia and the Pacific Rim in becoming listed on the USA stock exchanges.

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