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Arcadian Networks to integrate renewable resources for electric utilities with wireless broadband networks

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Arcadian Networks, a company that provides wireless communication systems to the energy sector, is now a business member of the American Wind Energy association, expanding its services to integrate renewable resources for electric utilities.

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The company is already active in the Midwest, where a number of utilities use a real-time, two-way communication network to build smart energy solutions. According to Ed Solar, Chief Executive Officer of Arcadian Networks, the company’s network currently provides “vital communication for wind generators, with wind farms connecting into our network at rural substations,” and extending the range of the network to those monitoring devices beyond the reach of the wind farm signals a “natural and beneficial progression.”

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The 700-megahertz (MHz) propagation characteristics of the network are ideal for wind energy, as there are often wind resources that are dispersed and in rural areas. More and more electric utilities find that Arcadian Networks’ communications can allow “interoperability and security in ways previously unattainable,” Solar said.

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Arcadian Networks is a provider of wireless broadband communication systems for the energy industry. These real-time, two-way communication networks are based on private, secured 700-MHz spectrum, specifically designed for utility, oil and gas, and renewable energy industries. The company’s headquarters is located in Valhalla, New York, with an office in Elk River, Minnesota.

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