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Phoenix extends solar financing program; eyes 1,000 installations

The city of Phoenix, Arizona is expanding its residential solar financing program with the help of a $25 million commitment from the National Bank of Arizona.

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The program, said to be the largest city-sponsored residential solar financing program in the United States, is entering its second phase.

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"As Arizona's largest community bank, we are committed to economically sound and safe lending practices as well as bringing a sustainable future to the communities we serve," said Craig Robb, managing director of the bank.

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According to Mr. Robb, a challenge to providing alternative energy to communities is the cost of capital and availability of financing. The bank said its partnership with Solar Phoenix will result in more solar power installations in the state.

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The Solar Phoenix 2 program will allow up to 1,000 Arizona homeowners easier access to solar power. Through this program, homeowners within the utility districts of the Arizona Public Service and Salt River Project will be able to install a solar system on their home with no upfront investment.

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"Solar Phoenix 2 leads the way for a brighter and more secure energy future, a future for which I, as Mayor, intended to aggressively advocate on behalf of our residents," Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton said at the program’s launch.

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According to the terms of the program, homeowners will pay a monthly rental fee for the solar power equipment and will be able to use the power generated for their daily needs. The monthly payment should be lower than previous energy bills and allow for up to 10 to 15 percent utility savings per month.

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The program is also expected to generate 234 direct and indirect jobs and infuse around $25 million into the local economy.

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The Solar Phoenix program was originally announced in November 2009 and ran throughout 2010, resulting in over 400 residential installations generating approximately 2.8 MW of power and over $26 million in investments into the local community. – EcoSeed Staff

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