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ABB wins $50 million order to improve Texas lines for wind power

Swiss power and automation technologies group ABB got a $50 million order from Electric Transmission Texas L.L.C. to provide electrical equipment for strengthening the transmission company's power grid and thereby ease the integration of wind power.

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ABB will design and install four of its static var compensators or SVC's at two ETT sites.

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The technology is supposed to help enhance the capacity and flexibility of the existing power transmission system and allow for the future adoption of a smart grid.

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The order was booked in the fourth quarter of 2011 and should be completed by 2013.

ETT, a joint venture between subsidiaries of American Electric Power and MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company, is part of the state's Competitive Renewable Energy Zones program which aims at increasing the contribution of renewable energy in Texas by up to 18 gigawatts. This is said to be one of the world's largest land-based wind initiatives.

To achieve this, the transmission grid must address voltage and frequency stability issues to enable the system to run more efficiently.

ETT is said to be capable of getting this improvement at a lower coast and in a shorter time than it would by building new power plants and transmission lines entirely.

ETT owns and operates transmission facilities within the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, primarily in and around the AEP Texas Central Company and AEP Texas North Company service territories. – Katrice R. Jalbuena

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