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U.S.D.A. opens new Web site for renewable energy businesspeople

The United States Department of Agriculture has a new Web site which aims to present organized information for businessmen investing in the renewable energy sector.

"Improving and modernizing access to U.S.D.A. energy data and resources is essential in today's highly competitive rural business environment," secretary of agriculture Tom Vilsack said in a statement.

Mr. Vilsack said farmers, ranchers and small businesses across the country will benefit from easier navigation and retrieval of energy and renewable energy investments data and funding opportunities through the Web pages.

The site is made up of complementary Web-based tools that organize the energy, energy efficiency and renewable energy investments and projects of the department.

Most useful for project developers is the "Energy Matrix," which will enable users to search for financing programs provided by USDA agencies that suit their needs. It also provides contact details for 30 of the department's industry experts.

The "Renewable Energy Tool" provides statistics about the market's supply chain, including land use for producing energy crops, cost of crop production, competition for biomass, blending terminals and fuel stations.

The "Renewable Energy Investments Map" displays investment location, type of energy investment, amount of assistance provided and the administering U.S.D.A. program. – Oliver M. Bayani

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