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Siemens’ first wind turbine order in Chile bound for El Arrayan

Siemens Energy will be shipping out its first wind power products for Chile for the country’s largest wind project, El Arrayan.

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The company has received an order for 50 of its “SWT-2.3-101” wind turbines that will have a combined capacity of 115 megawatts for the wind farm.

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“The El Arrayan wind power plant is our first project in South America outside Brazil and marks our entry into the Chilean market,” said Mark Albenze, chief executive of Siemens Wind Power Americas Business Unit. El Arrayan is a joint venture between energy companies Pattern Energy and AEI. Once completed, it will be the largest wind project in Chile.

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The contract for the project calls for installation to begin in the spring of 2013, with the commissioning of the wind power plant planned for early 2014.

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Aside from delivery, installation and commissioning, the terms include a five-year service and maintenance deal.

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Siemens is currently active in the South American region. Currently, it also has orders for the delivery and installation of a total of 300 MW worth of wind turbines in 2012 and 2013 for three projects in Brazil.

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Chile itself is considered a good area for wind power development, with the Global Wind Energy Council estimating the country’s wind energy potential to be around 40 gigawatts. – EcoSeed Staff

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