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Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency standards for clothes washers and dishwashers set by U.S. Energy Department

The United States Department of Energy has released a set of energy efficiency standards for residential clothes washers and dishwashers that could save consumers $20 billion in energy and water costs.

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Clothes washers and dishwashers currently account for approximately 3 percent of residential energy use and more than 20 percent of indoor water use in homes across the U.S. 

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The new standards were developed in partnership with manufacturers such as Whirlpool, General Electric and LG Electronics and incorporate feedback from consumer groups, environmental advocates and other stakeholders.

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They build on previous minimum energy efficiency requirements for clothes washers and dishwashers and go into effect starting in 2015 and 2013 respectively.

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They will reduce the energy consumption of front-loading clothes washers by 15 percent and reduce water consumption by 35 percent.  Top-loading washers will save 33 percent on energy and 19 percent on water use. 

The new standards for home dishwashers will use approximately 15 percent less energy and more than 20 percent less water. 

The standards announced today are part of the current administration’s broader all-of-the-above approach to energy and the Energy Department’s efforts to help families save money by saving energy. 

Standards made by the Obama Administration have covered nearly 40 different products and are estimated to save consumers nearly $350 billion in energy bills through 2030.

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