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China to lead pathway in carbon capture storage technology

While China is taking on renewable sources to slash emissions, coal remains a big part of the country’s energy mix accounting for about two thirds, according to International Energy Agency projections.

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How to make both ends of using coal and reducing carbon footprint meet?

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Carbon capture store system technology could be the way to do so.

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As China reinforces its emissions reduction efforts and yet keeps on consuming coal, it is eyeing C.C.S. technology to meet its mitigation goals.

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In Beijing and Shanghai, China Huaneng Group Corporation, one of the largest state-owned utilities, adopted C.C.S. in its operations in response to the government’s call.

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It sets an ambitious goal to capture 60 percent of carbon emissions in its Tianjin-based power plant by 2016.

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“Beijing has set its mind on becoming a leader in C.C.S. The Chinese government has been actively pursuing and supporting a technology development agenda that very quickly allowed China to make a breakthrough in the new generation of various technologies, and carbon capture and storage technology development was at first riding on this wave,” I.E.A. analyst Ellina Levina told ClimateWire.

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The Huaneng Group’s C.C.S. scheme is the second of its kind, following the one owned by Chinese state-owned mining and energy company Shenhua Group in Inner Mongolia, which has been reported to lock up about 46,000 tons of carbon since last year.

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Companies across China have also begun employing the technology and are boasting notable emissions reductions, said The Climate Group.

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The nation seeks to bury about 300,000 tons of carbon by June 2014.

"[C.C.S.] demonstration led by the industry in China is expected to play a significant role in tackling the emissions of greenhouse gas from its heavy reliance on coal, said Changhua Wu, Greater China Director at The Climate Group.

“I believe that China can lead clean revolution through such clean coal technology and solutions,” he added.

The global market for C.C.S. will continue to grow, because the alternatives, such as energy efficiency and energy markets, will eventually be dominated by leading businesses, according to a recent report by the I.E.A. – EcoSeed Staff

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