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Symposium on Urban Mining

Event Name: Symposium on Urban Mining
Event Date: May 21-23, 2012
Bergamo, Italy

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Urban Mining represents actions and technologies that can be adopted to recover resources from residues produced by the urban catabolism (municipal, industrial and agricultural waste, both from new production and old deposits) in terms of secondary raw materials and energy.
It implicates progression beyond separate collection and the current logic of consumers responsibility, resulting in an increased recovery of resources, better quality of the same, improved environmental protection, involvement of producer responsibility and lower costs for society.

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The Symposium will last three days and will include the following topics:

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  • Sources and characterization of materials and energy resources in urban spaces
  • Municipal Solid Waste, commercial waste, industrial waste, WEEE, depuration sludge,
    municipal and industrial sewage sludge, demolition waste, food waste, waste tyres
  • Automotive Shredded Residues
  • Techniques of waste source separation
  • Criticality of the current system of separate waste collection
  • Takeback programs
  • Recovery centres (Ecopoints, Tip shops, Waste banks, etc.)
  • Tecnologies for the extraction of materials and resources
  • Valorization of materials and resources
  • Recirculation pathways and markets
  • Landfill Mining
  • Economic and financial aspects
  • Policies and legal aspects
  • Environmental balances (Life-cycle assessment)
  • Case studies

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