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BOC launches cryogenic refrigeration for food distribution

BOC, the specialist industrial gases and engineering business, has begun trials of FROSTCRUISE®, a highly innovative in-transit refrigeration system, with a number of customers in the UK. The system provides a more environmentally friendly, efficient and reliable cryogenic alternative to diesel-powered mechanical refrigeration.

FROSTCRUISE® is a powerful cooling technology, developed by BOC’s parent The Linde Group, that uses the cryogenic effect of liquid nitrogen (LIN) at a temperature of -196°C to produce rapid and evenly-distributed temperature drops. It also has the ability to maintain accurate product temperature throughout the truck compartment during multiple delivery stops, reducing the risk of food spoilage and improving food safety.

Importantly, FROSTCRUISE® provides significant environmental benefits including substantial noise reduction during deliveries and a much lower carbon footprint than traditional mechanical transportation systems.

“FROSTCRUISE® represents a major development for the food distribution industry,” said Cedric Hanson, BOC Business Development Manager – Applications Technology. “Its ability to consistently maintain accurate temperature control while offering significant environmental benefits, at a competitive cost comparable to standard mechanical refrigeration systems, means FROSTCRUISE® could transform refrigerated transport of chilled and frozen perishable items by road.”

FROSTCRUISE® refrigeration technology does not rely on vehicle engines to perform the cooling process and so is substantially quieter than diesel systems which need to remain running in order to maintain a low compartment temperature. The lack of reliance on a vehicle engine also means that the refrigeration system can run independently in the event of a mechanical breakdown, protecting the compartment contents.

FROSTCRUISE® is also being deployed in other parts of the globe. MacFood Services, a leading food processor and distributor to the quick service restaurant industry in Malaysia, has recently taken on a fleet of 14 FROSTCRUISE® enabled trucks to deliver their frozen products including burger patties, nuggets and French fries.

“MacFood has rigorous safety standards and FROSTCRUISE® has proven to meet our very demanding specifications on temperature,” said Viktor Sim, Deputy Managing Director, MacFood. “It has also coped admirably with the demands of maintaining those very cold temperatures despite multiple delivery stops required on an average day in extremely hot and humid climate conditions.”

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