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Procurement managers discuss their selection criteria

Wind Energy Update’s 4th Annual Wind Turbine Supply Chain Conference 2012 will have the leading turbine manufacturers presenting. The purchasing managers of Leitwind, GE Energy and Nordex will be discussing their selection criteria and how they chose the suppliers for their turbines.

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For a supplier it is vital to meet a wind turbine OEM’s selection criteria. In order to get the contracts a component manufacturer must ensure they meet the requirements of the purchasing managers. This is especially important since the supply chain is no longer firmly rooted in Europe. European suppliers must now appeal to the global market, and to do this they must understand what is required of them. Siemens Wind Power’s, CEO Global Supply Chain, has said that for the supply chain to succeed the European suppliers must sell their products globally.

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For suppliers to sell their products worldwide, they must know what is required of them from the procurement teams. The things that they take into account when they chose a supplier is: reliability, global reach, logistic operations, quality management and track record. Chinese OEM, Goldwind, have also noted the importance of suppliers making the turbine manufacturers aware of the unique technologies that they have to offer (WEU – Offshore Wind Turbine Supply Chain Report 2011-2012). Understand these requirements and get those contracts with the turbine manufacturers.

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In its fourth year, Wind Energy Update has launched the Wind Turbine Supply Chain Conference 2012. It will take place on the 4-5th September in Berlin. It will gives suppliers deeper insight into the selection criteria of the turbine manufacturers. Presenting at the conference will be leading OEM’s including Nordex, REPower, Areva, WinWind, GE Energy, and Leitwind. Developers, Vattenfall and RES Offshore, will also be in attendance. Listen to their presentations and use this information to win contracts.

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VP Supply Chain | Wind Energy Update
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