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BioSolar files patent for bio-based backsheet

The design of BioSolar’s bio-based backsheet. Image from BioSolar, Inc.

Santa Clarita,California-based BioSolar, Inc. has filed a patent application for a new type of backing for photovoltaic (PV) cells.

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The backsheet is the bottom layer of a PV cell used by solar manufacturers to protect the cell from moisture, changes in temperature and the weather. Found in virtually all solar panels, these petroleum-based plastics are not environmentally neutral and are said to be growing more expensive due to due to rising oil prices.

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BioBacksheet-A, a new addition to the company's bio-based products, consists of a sheet of 100% recyclable aluminum foil sandwiched between two layers of polymer made from cotton, and castor beans. (see Biosolar’s plant-derived plastic for solar panels to be available in mid-2009).

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The initial pilot line run of this backsheet was highly successful. Testing of these samples continues as the company moves toward commercialization they have been planning since early this year (see Bio-PV manufacturer BioSolar gets closer to commercial launch).

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“Patent filing and protection of our intellectual property is an important milestone as we continue our journey toward full-scale commercial production for many of the company’s new products,” said David Lee, CEO of BioSolar.

- Oliver M. Bayani

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