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Funding & Incentives

Australia releases grants to SMEs, community groups for energy efficiency

To lower the country’s greenhouse gas emissions and help businesses save on operating costs, the Australian government has announced it will be awarding more than $20 million worth of grants to small and medium businesses and community groups to improve energy efficiency.

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The grants are the first of the Energy Efficiency Information Grants program, which is part of the country’s Clean Energy Future package.

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The Clean Energy Future package is Australia’s comprehensive plan to secure a clean energy future, which will “cut pollution” and “drive investment” in the country. The package’s key elements are fixing the price of carbon (23 Australian dollars per metric ton), assisting manufacturing and energy efficiency, expanding the clean energy sector, and initiate carbon farming.

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A total of 28 recipients were announced by Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Minister Greg Combet and Parliamentary Secretary Mark Dreyfus. They were selected from 200 proposals received from industry associations and non-profits.

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The Victorian Employers' Chamber of Commerce and Industry received the highest grant with more than $1.8 million Australian dollars, followed by Hunter Business Chamber with $1.2 Australian dollars million.

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Another funding round is scheduled to open in October.  Applicants who did not receive funding in the first round can consider applying again.

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Additional support is available for small and medium businesses under the Clean Energy Future package, including an extra $5 million Australian dollar to improve delivery of clean technology advice and other non-grant support programs. – EcoSeed Staff

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