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Funding & Incentives

$ 100 million in stimulus funds go to green transport projects

The Federal Transit Administration is stepping up efforts to increase local environmentally friendly public transportation ventures.

The Obama administration has earmarked $100 million from its stimulus fund to help finance 43 transit agencies that are pursuing cutting-edge environmental technologies with the potential to reduce global warming, lessen America's dependence on oil and create green jobs.

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Winning proposals were submitted by transit agencies from various states as part of a nationwide competition.

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The selection criteria include a project's ability to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, as well as provide a return on investment.

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Other criteria were readiness to implement, applicant capacity, degree of innovation and national applicability.

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Of the 43 approved projects, California and Illinois had four each.

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Projects in California include a photovoltaic module installation on transit maintenance facilities and railway traction power substation construction. In Illinois, projects include multiple hybrid bus purchases and solar thermal rooftop system installation.

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Though most proposals involved the increased use of hybrid plug-in electric public transport vehicles, some notable projects in other areas were the construction of wind energy generation turbines in Massachusetts and Indiana; diesel bus thermal motor fan purchases in Florida; bus facility solar canopy construction in Georgia; and transit facility energy conservation ventures in Ohio, Rhode Island, Tennessee and Washington.

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The Federal Transit Administration, which reviewed more than $2 billion in applications for the funds, is one of 11 operating administrations within the transportation department.

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Grants amounting to more than $7.2 billion have been made available for transit improvements across the United States since President Barack Obama signed the stimulus fund act into law in February.

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The transportation department is making $48.1 billion available for the construction and repair of highways, transits, bridges, rails, shipyards and airports nationwide. Of that, $26.5 billion has already been obligated to fund more than 8,500 approved projects in 55 American states and territories.

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