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SolarWorld president calls for tougher approach to trade violations

SolarWorld, one of the main complainants in the antidumping and anti-subsidy cases against China and its solar industry, stressed the need for new policies as a move toward "rekindling US manufacturing and jobs."

The need for policy updates, SolarWorld president Gordon Brinser said, comes as China amasses a new magnitude of economic might and its central planners increasingly target pivotal U.S. industries.

Mr. Brinser suggested sharpening and speeding up the practice of identifying, investigating and remedying illegal trade practices, and developing a better strategy to address foreign state-owned enterprises and how they affect U.S. industries and markets.

He recommends a new Interagency Trade Enforcement Unit that will closely monitor import data for early signs of market distortions spurred by foreign governments and new ways to preserve an open and transparent process for trade cases but in fewer steps and less time.

Ways to anticipate and halt the circumvention of trade remedies and theft of intellectual property and of bringing legitimate cases for industries that are too small or injured to afford them were also looked into. Finally, Mr. Brinser said the government should shed light on foreign companies that raise capital on U.S. exchanges and then withhold audit information from securities regulators.

"We can do better. And we must do better," Mr. Brinser said. "But first, we must take a stand." – EcoSeed Staff

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