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German solar firm first to install 1 GW worth of PV

German firm Belectric has become the world’s first company to install more than 1 gigawatt of photovoltaic power in a span of 10 years, after commissioning a series of multimegawatt projects this month.

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A 70-MW array in Brandenburg, Germany is the firm’s latest project. Last year, the company installed 62 power plants worth 391 MW – 176 MW in Germany; 125 MW in France; 47 MW in Italy; 31 MW in the U.S; 8 MW in Europe, the Middle East and Africa; and 4 MW across the rest of the world, according to a report from

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In 2010, they also added 300 MW to the existing 400 MW Belectric previously installed. Its biggest plant to date, a 67.8-MW park in Alt Daber, Germany was installed at the end of 2011.

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Additional projects in Japan, Saudi Arabia, Israel, South Africa and other emerging markets are seen to be adding to the firm’s total installed capacity, after the company partnered with Japanese thin-film manufacturer Solar Frontier.

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A report from Recharge News indicates that while the company’s installations were held roughly steady from 2010, a handful of Chinese manufacturers and system integrators are close to displacing the German firm from the top spot, with China Power Investment Company only narrowly losing the position.

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The Chinese firm put up 380 MW of PV capacity last year, and is poised to soon become the world’s largest. China Power Investment Company is one of China’s five largest state-owned power utilities. – EcoSeed Staff

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