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Water Power

Peru, Ecuador add 32.7MW of hydropower to South America

A total of 32.7 megawatts of power will be added to South America by two hydro projects, 22 megawatts of which
will be provided by Ecuador, whose flag is shown above.

Two South American hydroelectric projects will add a total of 32.7 megawatts of power to the continent, based on reports by Business News Americas last Monday (July 6). In Peru, the $14 million, 10-megawatt Poechos II hydroelectric plant in the province of Piura was recently inaugurated, while the 22-megawatt Topo hydro project in Tungurahua, Ecuador will start construction in February, 2010.

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Peru’s Poechos II took 18 months to complete. It received additional funding from DEG, a unit of the German development bank KfW. Poechos II will supply power to the national grid. Distributor Electronoroeste will purchase the power.

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The plant is the second phase of the 15.5-megawatt Poechos I project. The UN registered Poechos II last year as a clean development mechanism, capable of 22,771t/y CO2 emission reductions.

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Meanwhile, Ecuador’s Topo plant was granted an increase in installation capacity from 22 megawatts to 22.7 megawatts by the national power regulator Conelec. The plant will also supply power to the national grid and is expected to stabilize energy prices. Proyectos Energía y Medio Ambiente developed the plant, which will operate by May 2012.

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